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Everybody is normal til you get to know them

I just want you to know who I am

8 November 1976
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I am -
single, childless (but about to start trying!!), over-educated, unmotivated, nerdy, fat, unimpressive, often tired, family oriented, sloppy, clumsy, nostalgic, employed, envious, Christian, a bookworm, funny, weird, tomboyish, silly, hungry, helpful, compassionate, open minded, poor, boring, disgruntled, inactive, moral, ethical, conflicted, short, Native American, simple, low maintenance, down to earth, guarded, mostly happy, a little bit lonely, a home owner, a manager, a friend, a sister, a daughter, Daddy's girl, competitive, a web surfer, geeky, a social drinker, a non-smoker, a reader, a collector, Auntie, a gamer, a loafer, a slacker, sinful, a pen pal, a watcher, pierced and tattooed, anxious, restless, prone to poor decisions, busy, over-extended, on a financial roller coaster, semi-hard working, bad haired, bad skinned, quiet, anti-social, a follower, a driver, a meat eater, a fast food lover, a tv watcher, sometimes sad, cool under pressure, introverted, voyeuristic, a fast learner, quick witted, an information junkie, and probably a million other things in between.


adopted by god

Do Not Enter


10 commandments, 7th heaven, abstinence, adoption, aliens, amvets, aquariums, atari, autism, babies, bbw, bible, billiards, bingo, books, bowling, buffalo, c.s. lewis, cash, child advocacy, children, christian fiction, christianity, clothes, community outreach, computers, concerts, cops, crime, criminal justice, criminals, crisis support, dance dance revolution, darts, ddr, degrassi, developmental disabilities, driving, dvd burning, dvds, ebay, end times, evangelism, family, fiction, fish, food, forensics, getting pregnant, ghosts, god, goodwill, halloween, hank azaria, harry potter, haunted houses, horror movies, insomnia, jesus, jokes, justice, kids, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kirk cameron, laughter, law, law & order, law enforcement, left behind, left behind books, libraries, living waters, m*a*s*h, mcdonalds, mental health, mental illness, money, motorcycles, movies, mp3s, music, nephews, open mindedness, organized crime, paranormal, pdd, peanutbutter cups, peer advocacy, pervasive developmental delay, photography, photos, pics, piercings, pinball, poetry, police, pool, pop tarts, post secret, prison pen pals, ps2, psychology, ray comfort, reading, revelations, rocky horror, salvation army, school shooters, sesame street, shoes, shopping, simpsons, sims, skiing, sleeping, smiley faces, softball, south buffalo, south park, speeding, spirograph, stephen king, t-shirts, tattoos, television, thinking, thrift stores, tim curry, tolerance, toys, trying to conceive, ttc, uniforms, water, way of the master, writing, yahweh, yankees, zines,